Aquatic Leak Detection

Aquatic Leak Detection Specializes In Swimming Pool Leak Detection And Repair

Non-Destructive Repair Methods

Aquatic Pools and Spa

All of our testing methods are non-destructive and our repairs are done with care. If your pool is losing more than 1/2 inches of water a week, you have a leak and need our help. Aquatic Leak Detection provides the highest quality leak detection and repair in Brevard County. All of our equipment is top of the line, high tech, and specifically built for finding pool leaks. We are a small business and have experience that others do not.

The owner has a college degree in Aerospace, worked for NASA performing leak detection and other non-destructive testing on fueling systems for the space program. You may ask what does that have to do with swimming pools leaks, and the answer is a lot. Steven has knowledge of advanced procedures that can find any leak, anywhere in a plumbing system. We have our own procedures that are very accurate and we cannot say this enough, non-destructive. We never have to dig up plumbing pipes, drill holes in the deck, or drain your swimming pool to find a leak.

Dye Testing

Dye testing involves a technician spraying a bit of dye similar to food coloring in the water near a probable area to check for pool leaks. The dye simply in put into a syringe so that when sprayed the technician can see where the water is flowing. This process may involve scuba diving the swimming pool in order to gain access to some probable areas that are prone to swimming pool leaks.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing is a method used to test the integrity of underground plumbing pipes that feed or gain water from a swimming pool for circulating and filtering purposes. This process involves removing the fittings from either side of the plumbing lines and inserting rubber plugs in order to induce and measure water or air pressure inside the plumbing pipes.

Leak Detection

Electronic Listening

Electronic listening is a process that involves a electronic device similar to a stethoscope with filters to filter in or out different frequencies of noise in order to hear pool leaks. In order to get a pool leak to make noise the technician induces compressed air into the water filled pipe in which the air will bubble out the leak. When the air bubbles out the leak it makes a gurgling noise in which you can hear.

Check for Pool Leaks with the Bucket Test

  1. Fill your pool to half way up skimmer
  2. Place 5 gallon bucket on first step of pool
  3. Fill inside of bucket with water until it rests on step
  4. Mark inside water line and outside water line with a marker or pencil
  5. Let pool operate for 24 hours
  6. At the end of the 24 hour period check both of the water lines to see how much water is lost. Inside water level is evaporation, outside water level is total pool water lose. The difference in the two levels is the actual water lost from a leak.

This video explains how we perform pool leak detection services.

Why Choose Aquatic Pools and Spa
for Leak Detection Services

  • If We Can’t Find The Pool Leak, It’s Free!
  • 30 Day Warranty On All Leak Detection Services.
  • We Are State Certified Pool/ Spa Contractors
  • We Repair All Types of Leaks
  • We Service Concrete, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Pools.
  • We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Checks, And Cash.

How to Prepare for Our Leak Detection Appointment

Swimming pool water level needs to be half way up tile line.

Shut off pool pumps 1 hour before appointment.

Please do not schedule any lawn cuts or any other loud equipment at the time of our appointment.
(We use sensitive listening devices and cannot hear pool leaks with loud equipment nearby).